• Begin by using the Firmware Update Procedure listed below
  • If the update is not successful, use the Troubleshooting and Recovery Procedure listed below
  • Once the new firmware is installed, follow the Update Settings procedure listed below to update settings related to new firmware features

Firmware Update Procedure

  • Download the latest Firmware from the RDE300i Software Update link 
    • This link contains updates for both RDE300i Firmware and Configuration Manager
  • Use the Configuration Kit (810276) to connect directly to the RDE300i Main port
  • Open the RDE300i Configuration Manager Software
  • Select the correct COM port for your USB to RS485 Ethernet adapter included in the Configuration Kit
  • Enter the Modbus Address, Baud Rate, and Data Format for your RDE300i unit, or use the Find button to automatically scan for it 

  • Press the “Connect” button:

  • Navigate to the “Support” tab:

  • Click the “Update Firmware” button
  • Navigate to the location  on your PC's disk where you have stored the latest RDE300i Firmware update downloaded from the RDE300i Software Update link and select the file

  • Click “Open” on the dialog box which will initiate the firmware update:

  • If the update is successful, RDE300i will remain connected to the Configuration Manager, and the updated firmware version will be displayed on the support tab
  • If firmware update was successful, proceed to the Update Settings section below. Otherwise, proceed to  the Troubleshooting and Recovery Procedure

Troubleshooting & Recovery Procedure

  • If the firmware update fails, first ensure that the communication lines are stable and that the selected COM port is correct, then try again as detailed above

  • However, if the Configuration Manager is still unable to connect to RDE300i after a failed firmware update attempt, please use the Recovery procedure as follows
  • If firmware is not present on RDE300i (this may occur if a firmware update fails) RDE300i will remain in bootloader mode
    • An indicator for this state is that the Status LED will remain solid after the device has been powered on for more than 5 seconds, as shown below


  • Attempts to connect to RDE300i with Configuration Manager will also fail when RDE300i is in this state

  • We can still update the Firmware, because each time that RDE300i is powered on, it will be prepared to accept new firmware from the RDE300i Configuration Manager Software for 5 seconds. As long as the firmware update initiates within the 5 second window, RDE300i will accept it. We can use this to recover a unit if the normal firmware update process was unsuccessful, as detailed below. 
  • Navigate to the “Support” tab:

  • Click the “Update Firmware” button
  • Press “OK” to the following dialog:

  • Use the file explorer to navigate to the RDE300i firmware file. Keep the cursor near the “Open” button but do not click it yet:

  • Prepare to power cycle RDE300i.  Position the PC connected to RDE300i adjacent to the RDE300i power switch so that the PC and power switch are within arm’s reach
  • Power cycle the RDE300i (turn its power off and then on again, by temporarily removing power to the Configuration Kit), wait about 1 second, and then quickly press the “Open” button on the Configuration Manager software screen above
  • If the update fails, and you are still unable to connect, try again with slightly different timing between power cycling the device, and pressing the “Open” button on the dialog box.
  • If the update says that it failed, but you now find yourself able to connect with a blinking status LED, connect to the device and check the System Status on the right side of the System tab in the RDE300i Configuration Manager. Look for two numbers, an Event Code at the bottom and a firmware version "FW."

  • If the firmware version is less than 6569 and the error code is 2 or the firmware is greater than 6611 and shows error code 8, then first, you need to install the A101-57 Recovery Firmware, then try to upgrade to the latest firmware once again.
  • If the A101-57 Recovery Firmware also fails to install, please install the A101-58 recovery firmware. Once installed, please try to update to the latest firmware again.

Settings Updates

Updating from Firmware Version 6368 to 6425

  • Firmware version 6425 implements a rapid IV update option. It is recommended to turn this on for more accurate performance index calculations.

  • Connect to RDE300i using the Configuration Manager

  • Navigate to the “System” tab:

  • Click the “Advanced” button on the bottom of the screen
  • Double click the drop down tables to configure the advanced settings. Default settings are shown below:
  • For standalone applications (RDE3008 810275-02), use the following advanced settings as default:


  • For inline applications (RDE300i 810275-01), use the following settings as default


  • Note for leader/follower applications, it is recommended to configure the advanced settings the exact same way for both the leader and follower(s)

  • Exit the “Advanced Configuration Options” menu 
  • Click the “Apply” button to write the new settings to RDE300i:

Further Support