Part numbers: RDE300i PV module and string cables use MC4 connectors, Multi-Contact part numbers 32.0017P0001-UR and 32.0016P0001-UR. See the diagram below. 

In-line vs. standalone: The in-line RDE300i (810275-01) has all four cables shown, while the standalone RDE300i (810275-02) has only M+/M- cables.

Polarity: RDE300i PV cable polarity labels (M+, M-, S+, S-) refer to the direction of positive current flow out of the device to which the cable connects. See the wiring diagram on the front of RDE300i or in the RDE300i User Guide

User-supplied adapters: You may need to make adapter cables for connecting your PV modules to RDE300i if our standard PV cables are not compatible with your modules. Choose connectors at one end compatible with our standard connectors shown below. Ensure that each cable is wired to the correct point. Follow the wiring diagram on the front of RDE300i or in the RDE300i User Guide.

Extension cable kit: If you need PV extension cables using the same connector type as our standard cables, order our 5-meter PV cable extension kit 810269-05. This kit has all cables properly labeled and includes the RTD extension.

Do not extend PV cables beyond 5 meters: The system may not function correctly.

Do not coil extra PV cable: PV cables must run in straight paths. Do not coil extra cable material. This may interfere with the system operation.