Firmware Update Procedure

  • To obtain the latest firmware for RC22, see RC22 Firmware Updates. If a firmware update is available, download the file to your PC. 
  • Use the Configuration Kit to connect to RC22 as described in RC22 User Guide
  • Open the RC22 Configuration Manager Software (version 6434 or higher)
  • Select the correct COM port for your USB to RS485 adapter included in Configuration Kit

  • Open RC22 Configuration Manager Software. Enter the Modbus Address, Baud Rate, and Data Format for your RC22 unit and press the 'Connect' button, or use the 'Find and Connect' button to automatically scan and connect to it:

  • Navigate to 'Support' tab:

  • Click Update Firmware 'Upload' button.
  • Navigate to the location where you have stored the latest RC22 Firmware on your PC:

  • Click “Open” on the dialog box which will initiate the firmware update:

  • Press 'OK'.

Troubleshooting & Recovery Procedure

  • If the firmware update fails, first ensure that the communication lines are stable and press 'Yes' button to try again.

  • If firmware update failed again after pressing 'Yes' button in the dialog illustrated above, press 'No' button. Ensure that the COM port selected on 'Connect' tab is correct and communication lines are stable. Try connecting to RC22 and updating firmware again.
  • However, if the RC22 Configuration Manager is still unable to connect to RC22 after a failed firmware update attempt, please use the Recovery procedure as follows:
  • Navigate to the “Support” tab:

  • Click the “Update Firmware” button.
  • Press “OK” to the following dialog:

  • Repeat firmware procedure listed above of selecting firmware file and pressing 'OK' button

  • Click “Open” on the dialog box which will initiate the firmware update:

  • Press 'OK'.


Further Support