RC18 firmware is updated occasionally. Revision notes are listed below. 

Note: RC18 firmware cannot be updated by the user in the field. If you would like to update the firmware on your RC18 unit, please send it to Atonometrics. 

R5770, April 2022

  • Manufacturing-related update. No user impact.

R5745, March 2022

  • Added features to protect internal memory registers from unintentional write commands that may appear on the network.
  • Note: with this firmware version, RC18 Configuration Manager R5743 or higher is required for configuration.

R5230, May 2021

  • Fixed a bug that could allow writing to a read-only register.
  • Fixed a bug that could allow internal memory registers to be accessed accidentally.

R4322, January 2019

  • Fixed a bug that could cause erroneous results at temperatures below freezing
  • Added user-settable baud rates and other communication settings
  • Added "Find" feature for communication settings discovery
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements

R4129, July 2018

  • Product release