The 230056-xx RTD probe assemblies feature a Class A (ISO 60751) Pt1000 RTD in a flat-bottom aluminum disc probe with a VHB peel-and-stick adhesive layer for easy installation on the back of a PV module. The 230056-xx assembly has an M8 3-pin connector compatible with the RDE300 series and is weather-resistant for outdoor use. 

Part Numbers:

Part NumberCable Length (meters)

Installation Instructions:

  • For best adhesion, ensure PV module surface temperature between 21 C and 38 C
  • Mount RTD assembly cable to PV module and mounting structure and provide cable strain relief with zip ties, tape, or other means
  • Clean PV module mounting area with isopropyl alcohol wipe
  • Peel liner on RTD probe disc adhesive layer
  • Stick RTD probe disc to PV module and hold with firm pressure for 15 seconds
  • Connect M8 cable to RDE