About Password Reset


Mars 810230-20 HW Revision 01 (810230-20-01), released August 2023, may be configured using a Wi-Fi connection from the user's smartphone or laptop PC.

The default Wi-Fi password may be changed by the user. If the user forgets the password, it can be reset to factory default.

To reset to the factory default password, you will use the Mars Password Reset Manager software to send a reset code over the RS485 port using Configuration Kit 810276.

Obtaining the Mars Password Reset Manager

To obtain the 500110 Mars Password Reset Manager please use the link at the bottom of this page.

How to Use Mars Password Reset Manager

Setting up the Configuration Kit

To begin using Mars Password Reset Manager, you will need to connect your laptop PC to your Mars device using Configuration Kit 810276 (or equivalent), as shown below:

Starting Mars Password Reset Manager

Upon opening and installing the Mars Password Reset Manager, the selected Address range, Data Format, and Baud Rate are set to the default Mars Address (16), Data Format (8N1), and Baud Rate (57600) as illustrated in the screenshot below.

Select your PC's COM port to which the Configuration Kit is connected. If you have multiple  COM port options, you can determine the correct port by connecting and disconnecting the USB-RS485 adapter of the Configuration Kit and pressing Refresh on the software interface to refresh the ports list.

Are Your Mars Unit's Modbus Communication Settings Known?


If the Modbus communication settings for your Mars device are known, please select the address in the Address box as ‘Start’ and ‘End’ address, the Data Format in the ‘Formats’ box, and Baud Rate in the ‘Baud Rates’ box. Click the ‘Find and Reset Password’ button.

Are Your Mars Unit's Modbus Communication Settings Unknown?

If the Modbus communication settings are not known, you may still use this software to reset the Wi-Fi password, but you must ‘Find’ your Mars device's communication settings by searching over a range of options as follows:

  • Select a Data Format and Baud Rate to try
  • Set any Address range from 1 through 247

Only one Data Format and Baud Rate combination is allowed per search. Below is a sample screenshot of searching the Mars device for addresses 1 through 99, at 8-E-1 Data Format, and 38400 Baud Rate.

A search through all addresses 1 through 247 takes about 11 minutes. Selecting a narrower address range will shorten the search time.

Running Find and Reset Password

Upon clicking the ‘Find and Reset Password’ button, you will be requested to power-cycle your Mars device. This is necessary to ensure that Mars will detect communications when the correct baud rate is used by the search software.

Please unplug your device from the power source, plug it back in and click ‘OK’  as depicted in the screenshot below.

It will take 2 minutes for Mars to reboot.

When Mars will be ready for operation, the search will begin.

Once the device is found, the device settings will be displayed:

Once the ‘OK’ button is clicked, the password reset will begin.

A new dialog will pop-up with Mars’s SSID and default password. Please note that password change will take effect only after power-cycling Mars upon password reset. Click ‘OK’.

Now the device's communication settings, SSID and Password are displayed for your convenience.

Connecting to Your Mars by Wi-Fi After Password Reset

After running the above procedure, please cycle power to your Mars unit one more time. This will cause the default Wi-Fi password to take effect. You may now communicate to the Mars unit with the default Wi-Fi password as explained in Mars 810230-20 User Guide.